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At the heart of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country with borders on Kazakhstan, China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It is particularly mountainous, with the main ranges and foothills of the Tien Shan covering fully three quarters of the land area. Sometimes known as the ‘Switzerland of Central Asia', its high valleys are home to often nomadic pastoralist people who make their living from herds of sheep, goats and horses. Less than 10% of the country is cultivable. Issyk-Kul Lake in the north-east of the country is a stand-out feature and, at some 180 kilometres long, is the second largest mountain lake in the world after Lake Titicaca. The capital city of Bishkek is centrally situated on the northern border with Kazakhstan and is home to around 1 million people. Kyrgyzstan's early history is centred on the Silk Route and trading between Turkic people, including the Uyghers, while Genghis Khan extended his influence over all of this region in the early 13th century. Between 1876 and 1991, Kyrgyzstan was controlled by Russia and then incorporated within the Soviet Union. Since gaining independence, its name has officially become the Kyrgyz Republic.


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Itinerary ideas

There are many interesting mountainous places in Kochkor region. We can organize horse riding and hiking tours to any yurt camp on the way to Son-Kul lake or to Kol-Ukok lake. You are able to feed and sleep in real Kyrgyz yurt with real sheperd's family. It is awesome moment and place to touch the nomad's way of life. With us you will be able to go up on the top of the passes, where you can satisfy with the amazing panoramic view of local enviroment.

Song Köl is an alpine lake: June to September

Amazing days in the nomad's yurts

Song Köl is an alpine lake in northern Naryn Province, Kyrgyzstan. It lies at an altitude of 3016 m, and has an area of about 270 km2 and volume of 2.64 km3. The lake's maximum length is 29 km, breadth about 18 km, and the deepest point is 13.2 m. It is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan after Issyk Kul Lake, and the largest fresh water lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Lake Kol-Ukok Terskey Ala-Too: June to September

Few days in Kol-Ukok lake

The biggest tourist attraction in the vicinity of town Kochkor is beautiful lake Köl Ükök (3 047 m asl). This nearly three-kilometer long lake is surrounded by four thousand meters high mountains and meadows with herds of horses and cows grazing here in the summer.

Horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan

2-7 days horse riding trips

The following horse riding tours are available in Kochkor region. Some are small-scale, others last for weeks. If you are not sure which tour, trip length or itinerary to pick, you can send your inquiry here. You can also request joining the group, then the price will be cheaper.

Jailoo Hostel

Jailoo Hostel invites you to spend unforgettable days in Kochkor village with interesting and positive people in a friendly homelike atmosphere. We do our best to fill your stay with bright impressions and positive emotions. Our guesthouse is open 24/7 and is always ready to welcome the guests of our country: merry companies of students, tourists and couples with children. Every guest is not just a visitor for us, but a good friend. Read more...


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